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Basic Information

Here you will find some basic information about the bot. 😉

Normal Commands: These are commands which are run with a custom prefix (!, ?, %)

Slash Commands: These are commands which are run with Discord's standardized prefix for all newer bots (/). These are commonly referred to as interactions.

Scriptly uses a combination of both normal commands and slash commands as of now.

Scriptly's default prefix for normal commands is * or @Scriptly

All commands in this documentation will use * as a default normal command prefix. This may be different in your server if you have changed the prefix or the server you are in uses an alternative prefix. Despite this, Scriptly will always respond to the mention prefix (@Scriptly) for commands.

Scriptly's prefix is customizable and can be changed using the *prefix command. More information about this can be found in the Utility and Customization Commands section.

You can list commands within the bot through the *help command though it is recommended that you use this documentation for a more in depth view on how each command works!


If you need any additional help with any of the commands, you can get help in our support server!